Business Protection

What is Business Protection

Business protection is a way of protecting your business should a key person, partner or director die or contract a critical illness. It can help ensure that your business can continue trading in these circumstances.

There are four main areas of business protection (NOTE only 3 below on docs)

Shareholder and Partner Protection

On the death or critical illness of a shareholder the other shareholders will receive a cash lump sum to buy their shares. This ensures minimal disruption to the company and the critically ill person or the family of the deceased shareholder will receive a cash amount equivalent to the value of their shares.

Key Person Protection

Key person insurance is loss of profits insurance that provides a business with the proceeds from an insurance policy so that it can continue trading if a key person dies or becomes critically ill. The business can decide how to use the proceeds which could include employing a temporary or permanent replacement.

Sole Trader

A sole trader is a person who trades on their own without the use of a company structure or partners. They are entirely liable for the debts of the business. Any protection they take out will be on a personal protection basis. The sole trader needs to think about what will happen if they die or become critically ill.

What should I do for my business?

Business protection needs to take into account many factors, both personal and business, this is where we can help you.

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