Charges and Fees

Fee Based Charges

We believe that advisers need to be free to give the up to date advice and select products that are most appropriate to the client needs, this can be overlooked if the adviser is commission driven.

  • J Kempson Associates is committed to making commission a thing of the past.
  • J Kempson Associates is genuinely independent and operates on a fee based structure.
  • We will always agree the fee with the client up front. This we believe brings transparency, the client knows what they are paying for and what service they will get.

Example of why we are fee based

An example of some work we recently carried out for one of our clients.

Our new client has substantial funds in both his investment portfolio and pension. He had not seen his financial adviser for 8 years yet the adviser was receiving 1% trail commission for doing nothing which already has cost him £16,000. We calculated that if he stops with his present adviser and his funds grew only 5% per annum up until his retirement, the existing adviser would get another £52,000 for doing nothing.

Yes, you can’t believe it can you, this amounts to daylight robbery.

By moving to our company, this client has saved himself £52,000, but not only that he will see that money now going back into his investment portfolio which will give him a bigger pot when he retires.

Always remember its your money not theirs.

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